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7 Proven Ways to Increase Amazon Sales in 2022

Finding ways to increase sales on your Amazon marketplace?

You are in the right place, today I am sharing with you what you need to do exactly to get more sales and believe me it works 100%.

If you want an answer in just one line then Improve your Conversion rate and rank higher are the two things you need to do.

In simple words, more traffic to your products to some extent leads to more sales and to get more traffic to your listing you need to rank higher when someone searches for your product or at least visible on the first page so your product gets maximum visibility.

What is the Conversion rate? - it is Sales divided by Number Of Visits in a given time for example if 100 people visited your product page in the last 7 days and only there are 2 sales for the product then its 2% Conversion rate.

So higher the conversion rate grater your rank, because that's the way amazon algorithm gets an idea that fewer visits but more buys that means its a good deal or great product.

So below are the seven

Proven ways to improve your product rank and increase sales -

  1. Maintain Good Seller Rating (Lower Order Defect rate)

  2. Improve your amazon stores SEO

  3. Group All product variation on a single page (Create Child-Parent)

  4. Use Of Short Sell Pricing

  5. Collect Real and Positive customer reviews

  6. Use Amazon FBA / Seller Flex program

  7. Creative use of Amazon Advertising (Sponsored products)

Now we will discuss one by one each point in detail and at the end of this article I will also let you know things not to do, so you do not harm your sales and product ranking.

1.Maintain Good Seller Rating (Lower Order Defect rate) :

Amazon loves customers more than any seller because the customer is king and amazon takes this thing seriously smiley.

So anything that will ruin customer experience like if, seller cancels an order, late delivery, wrong products sent, damaged product, seller controllable return reason, etc, etc.

Avoid all these things and keep it under the target, Because Higher the seller rating means Hige Product rank.

2.Improve your amazon stores SEO :

Optimizing your product listings so it shows higher on every keyword related to your product when someone searches for it on amazon.

It is the same as it applies to Google SEO, and helps your amazon products to rank on google also.

Below are the points you need to do to improve amazon SEO,

  • Create your title with correct, sufficient and relevant keywords that describe key point and type of your product like - Brand Name, Style, Fabric, Variant, color, pack of, Size, etc (Do not bombard keywords).

  • Enter bullet points with product features that will appeal to the buyer to go ahead and purchase.

  • Enter all the possible search terms related to your product in search terms - do not enter a comma and don't repeat like for the cotton shirt you should enter - cotton men shirt full sleeve blue Chinese collar

  • Use high-quality images as per your category requirement.

  • Reply to questions asked on the product page.

  • Get as many reviews as possible(discussed in detail below)

3.Group All product variation on a single page (Create Parent-Child) :

Do not list all variation independently, if you are doing this, group all together into child-parent relation and bring all available color sizes of a product under a single parent product.

4.Use of Short Sell Pricing :

Short Sell is not any technical term but I am using it for my explanation.

Remember I have told you about conversion rate? Higher the conversion rate so higher will be your product ranking and Sales.

Though it may not apply to some of the sellers who have very low margins.

So what is Short Sell? And Why to do a short sell?

Lower your product price hugely for a short period, you can do this for a particular quantity of time, say for 50 Units or 2 Hrs, 1 Day whatever you can and get some quick sales in that short time because you are offering unbelievable price (though for short time) most buyers will see the price and purchase it. After some sales bring your price to the normal.

Why do Short Sell?

It is the method of improving the conversion rate factor of the Amazon product ranking algorithm. Because you are selling many units in a short period your ranking will greatly improve.

Many big online retailers often use this technique.

5.Collect Real and Positive customer reviews :

Reviews are like the crown of a king, good reviews increase the chance of purchase by almost 50%.

But most the people don't leave a review, because if a purchase is as usual as it should be then most people ignore writing anything about a product good or bad so how to encourage people to leave reviews on your product?

But the big question is How to get Reviews on amazon?

  • The first and most important thing is to provide great service, exceed the expectation of the customer.

  • Delight them by timely or before time delivery, Good packaging, etc.

  • Leave a note in your order that if they liked your service rate your product on amazon.

  • Send some small gifts or freebies with orders as a surprise (without mentioning in your product page on Amazon)

  • Provide discount code for customers who leave a review, for their next purchase.

  • Describe your product clearly on the product details page & customers should get exactly what they have seen on amazon.

  • Process returns faster if it is within your policy, smooth returns will encourage the customer to buy again from you and leave a positive review.

  • Reply to negative reviews and try to solve their problem, and ask them if now they are happy they can remove their negative feedback.

  • If you get some reviews then by flying wheel effect it will increase at a rapid rate.

  • Once again Go Beyond Your Customer's Expectation.

6. Use Amazon FBA / Seller Flex Program :

Send your products to the FBA or Use Seller Flex program so you are eligible for amazon prime, and can provide 1Day,2Day delivery to your customers,

It will also increase your efficiency because packing, delivery, returns will be handled by Amazon.

And if you receive any negative feedback for FBA product regarding Delivery or Service amazon will remove it.

7.Creative use of Amazon Advertising (Sponsored Products) :

By saying creative use of amazon ads, I mean just not add the product, enter CPC and start advertising, to get the best ROI (Return on Investment) and for Low ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) prepare a strategy for your campaigns and keep optimizing it - your results will improve.

Some tips to optimize your amazon advertising campaigns :

  • Advertise products on sale.

  • Run test campaigns with a small budget for some longer duration lets say 15 days to try the keywords, targeting, etc.

  • Create separate ad groups for different product categories so you can lower your CPC.

  • Stop high ACOS campaigns and Increase the budget of Low ACOS campaigns.

  • Advertise products that have no sales in the past week and do whatever to get some sales every week for any product.

  • Try automated targeting for some campaigns and see the results, if given some time automated targeting campaigns gives good results.

  • Download and review search term report for advertising campaigns and add negative keywords at regular intervals to negative keywords list.

Now, let's discuss some proven things to avoid doing on amazon :

  • Do not bring external traffic to your Amazon store or product if you are not sure that the conversion rate will be good enough and the bounce rate will be not high.

  • Otherwise, you will lose your rank.

  • Do not try to give fake reviews on your products, amazon is smart and if caught your account will be suspended.

So these are the 7 things you must do to boost your Amazon sales, If I missed something please comment below and let me know.

Happy Selling on Amazon.


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