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How to write product Title & Bullet points that sell more+

If you do not know how to list the products please click here and read how to list products on Amazon India.

Everyone talks about the importance of writing good & informative content for the products, but often many sellers do not put that much effort in crafting Titles and Bullet points.

We will first discuss why you should give time & focus to your product listings and what things you should keep in mind while writing the content.

Gone are the days, when just adding as many keywords to the title and bullet point was sufficient. In past there were few sellers for each product, customers were not educated in online purchasing they were just seeing the pictures and were placing the orders.

Nowadays you have fierce competition in any category, online buyer is mature now, they read every detail, compare products, price, etc and then make the buying decision.

Listing your products perfectly is 50% of the task and the rest all (marketing, Promotions, Price, Ads, prime, Fba, whatever you do to get sales) combined count for 50% of the task of selling & Growing on amazon.

So we have understood why it's so important now let's discuss

How to write product titles and Bullet points that sell more+

Before starting any product listing, you should first check the amazon style guide for that particular category - Style Guides are recommendations from amazon for every category on how to write a title, bullet points, images, etc.

As I said these are recommendations so you can tweak the information as per your personal goal, but it provides you a good start.

Things to keep in mind when writing the title of your product -

  1. Amazon allows title length to be 200 characters but keeps titles below 115-150 characters if possible - because 80% of the customers purchase on mobile and long titles are not easy to read on mobile devices, if its too long people will not read at all.

  2. Always try to follow Title Frame as per the style guide as much as possible.

  3. Do not add too many keywords, just include [Brand Name] + [Unique Feature] + [common or generic name] + [1 or 2 alternate name if required] + [Product Color,Size etc only for child items].

  4. A title should be easy to read and only the most important details should be included, you have bullet points to describe your products.

  5. Unique Feature - is the feature of your product that is unique and the customer is concerned about that before purchasing.

  6. if it is not possible to craft your title below 115 characters - try to re-order your title and place the most important details at first.

  7. Write for keeping humans in mind, not for search engines.

  8. Test 2-3 title variations and test at least for 10-15 days, then only make any changes.(drive same traffic when comparing different title performance)

  9. Do your keyword research, check what people are searching - Use your search term reports, google keyword planner, and amazon search box (keyword research tools are a waste because amazon does not provide Keyword data to anyone, yes Anyone)

  10. Prioritize your keywords as per search volume and make a list of Primary keywords, Secondary keywords, and Tuersury keywords

  11. Use keywords in the title only from the Primary keywords list.

  12. Include keywords closely related to your products only.

  13. Do not copy-paste other sellers' keywords or titles, that seller can rank on the product in spite of wrong titles because they have sales history more than yours, but if their titles are not correct - copying that will lead you nowhere.

So we have understood how to write the title perfectly -

How to write Bullet points that sell more+

The bullet point is the second important thing after you have crafted the perfect title, customers actually read them :) to get details about your product.

Things to keep in mind when writing the bullet point of your product -

  1. Write bullet points keeping customers in mind, focus on your product's key features, not on keywords.

  2. Keep it simple, easy to read and to the point, if it's too long people will not read at all.

  3. Think from the customer's point of view, what they want from your product. (Nobody cares about what you are selling, everyone cares about what they what to purchase.)

  4. Write bullet points in FAB style - Features against benefits. Like if you are selling Quilt/Comforter below are sample bullet points in Feature Against Benefit Style.

  5. Example - 100 percent microfibre shell for a rich, luxurious feel. In this bullet point ("100 percent microfibre shell" - this is a feature and "for a rich, luxurious feel" is a Benefit)

  6. Example - Hypoallergenic filling which protects against allergens ( "Hypoallergenic filling" is a feature and "protects against allergens" is a benefit)

  7. At least include 5 bullet points for each product

  8. If a dimension is required and must for purchase include dimension

  9. If suitable for information is required and must include that information

  10. You can add any other information, you think will help customers to make a purchase decision.

I hope this will help you to write your product titles and bullet points.

Happy selling!


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