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How to list products on amazon India? (Product listing)

To sell your products on Amazon India, first, you need to create a product listing on an amazon seller account.

(if you do not know how to create/register an Amazon seller account read this post - )

What is product listing?

The process of Providing all details of your products and uploading them to the amazon website is called product listing. So the customers can view your products and can purchase them. (details like name of products, images, product price, etc)

There are two ways of listing products on Amazon India -

  1. Adding 1 product at a time (add a product) - Suitable if you have less number of products.

  2. Adding products in bulk (add products via upload) - suitable if you have multiple numbers of products.

Adding 1 product at a time (add a product option) -

You can manage all the product-related details from the Inventory tab.

>Click on Add a product option.

Now you have two options to list your products -

  1. The product is already in the amazon catalog (already listed on Amazon) (Also called product mapping)

  2. You are adding a product not already sold on amazon (like a different brand that is not listed on amazon, or any product which is not available on Amazon)

Listing product, already in the amazon catalog (already listed on Amazon) (Also called product mapping) -

If the product is already sold on amazon, search for that product and click on sell ( different branded products require a purchase bill or authorization letter ).

If you are approved or approval is not required -

You need to enter basic details about the product like Quantity, selling price, SKU, etc. ( you can not change the title, description, images for already selling products only the listing owner can change this information )

And once you submit, your product will be live in 15 minutes and will be visible in the Manage Inventory section.

Adding a product not already sold on amazon

If you want to list the product which is not available on amazon -

Click on - I am adding a product not sold on amazon.

Now select the category of your product falls in.

After that - The product detail page will open, enter all relevant details (like the name of the product (title), Price, Qty, Color, images, etc) and Submit.

Below are some of the critical details.

Product ID - if your product has a barcode, please enter that barcode if you do not have a barcode then take GTIN exemption click on the link for taking GTIN exemption.

Brand Name - if you are listing a new brand on amazon you need to take the brand name approval from amazon (this is different from the brand registry).

For taking brand approval - contact seller support and create a case subject - Need Brand Approval for XYZ Brand.

They will ask for the images of products displaying the brand name and will approve the same.

Adding products in bulk (add products via upload) -

If you have multiple products you can use a flat-file ( excel file ) to enter all details and upload.

>Go to Inventory Select Add products Via Upload

>Now select Download Inventory File (called as Flat-file also it's an excel file where you can input your product details)

> Select your category in the product classifier

> In step 2 click on Generate Templet File

> You will get the Inventory file ( Flat-File)

Open that Flat file and go to the Template sheet.

Enter all the details required in that sheet and upload it on amazon.

Important - You can find all help and guidelines regarding accepted values in sheets like Instructions, Images, Example Sheet, Data Definitions, browse data, valid values, etc.

Please check below screenshot -

Hope this will help you to - Happy Selling :)


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